Miriam Berger, born 1985 in Cologne, works as an actress and musician. She currently can be seen and heard in productions of Prinzregenttheater (Bochum), Theater an der Ruhr (Mülheim), WDR and DLF.

Miriam has written music for theatre productions such as Port In Air´s Hardly Still Walking, Not Yet Flying in Köln, or Pinocchio, Theater Erlangen. After five years of playing with her folk-pop quintet Muskat, Miriam started to perform solo, using piano, ukulele, loopstation and her voice. When not being found in some theatre she plays concerts or accompanies live readings like Gegenlichtlesen and hellopoetry!

She also works as a journalist and speaker for the radio.

Miriam is currently doing her Master of Music at Folkwang University of the arts, Institut für Populäre Musik, Bochum.

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